dining plans

  • Meals at Dining Commons, Dining Dollars (semester) Cost (semester)
  • Block 150 + 450 (avg. 9 meals per week)
    plus $450 Dining Dollars, 5 guest swipes/semester
  • Block 240 + 300 (avg. 15 meals per week)
    plus $300 Dining Dollars, 10 guest swipes/semester
  • Weekly 14 (14 meals per week)
    plus $375 dining dollars, 2 guest swipes/week
  • All Access Dining Plan (unlimited meals)
    plus $250 Dining Dollars, 10 guest swipes/semester
  • All Dining Dollar Plan
    $2,650 of dining dollars – upperclass students only

Dining at UNLV
Enjoy delicious, well-balanced and nutritious meals at almost any time of day, at convenient locations throughout campus, using your RebelCard to access your dining plan — the most cost-effective way to dine on campus. All students living in UNLV housing are required to select one of the campus dining plans.

Dining plans are offered on a semester basis, and include meals at the Hazel M. Wilson Dining Commons (DC) plus Dining Dollars that may be used for additional food purchases around campus. The DC is open Monday-Friday for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and Saturday-Sunday for brunch and dinner. Additionally, an extra meal called “late night” is served one day per week.

Each time you enter the DC, your RebelCard is swiped and one meal is subtracted. You may also use your dining plan to treat friends and parents. Unused meals are not transferred to the following semester or refunded. Dining Dollars transfer from the Fall to the Spring semester, but expire at the end of the academic year in May. If you run out of meals for the semester, you can use your Dining Dollars, pay with cash or credit card, or purchase additional meals on your meal plan.

Hazel M. Wilson Dining Commons — The DC
The DC is a convenient place for students to eat and socialize, featuring eight stations with up to nine entrées possible at once. It’s easy to find something you’ll like from a wide variety of dishes in this all-you-can-eat venue, including:

  • Vegetarian/vegan
  • International specialties
  • Salad bar with over 50 toppings
  • Made-to-order omelettes
  • Freshly baked pizzas

DC hours are posted at the beginning of each semester. They can also be found along with weekly menus, special events and promotions on the UNLV Dining website. The menu is sometimes enhanced with special entrées and theme nights, such as steak dinner, Hawaiian Luau, Mardi Gras night, and make-your-own ice cream sundae. Don’t have time to sit and eat? Purchase a re-usable container and fill it up with food to take with you.

Dining Dollars
Each dining plan comes with Dining Dollars, accessed through your RebelCard, which can be used at any campus eatery, such as Starbucks and Jamba Juice in the Student Union. A complete list of locations that accept Dining Dollars is available at the UNLV Dining site. The amount of Dining Dollars you receive each semester depends on the dining plan you select. Dining Dollars conveniently roll over from Fall to Spring semester, but do not carry over to summer or the following Fall.

Changing Your Dining Plan
You may change dining plan selection one time per semester through the end of the third week of classes (Sep. 14, 2018 in the Fall; Feb. 8, 2019 in the Spring). Summer term meal plans cannot be changed during the summer. Approval is contingent upon the current meal balance and Dining Dollar balance. This change will become effective within one or two business days. A processing fee will be charged to change the meal plan. Meal Plan Change Forms are available at the UNLV Housing & Residential Life office. Any additional fee or refund that may be due will be calculated based on the effective date of the change.

Special Diets
We can assist residents who have special dietary needs. Students who wish to receive counsel, consideration and/or modified meal service can do so by working with our on-campus registered dietitian and executive chef. The staff dietitian can evaluate your current diet and provide guidance for healthy food choices based on your specific nutritional and lifestyle needs. Please contact 702-895-4377 for an appointment. Students may also contact Housing & Residential Life, the Disability Resource Center, or Student Wellness for additional assistance if needed.

Vending Machines
Juices, sodas and snacks are conveniently located in each community. Pay with cash or your RebelCard.

Additional Dining FAQs
Please click here for additional FAQs regarding meal plans.